Business Concepts for anyone

Here are some tips to finding amazing and fun business concepts. You need to be systematic and you need to be thorough. You need to place together a solid list of established and practical business concepts. Then you need to carefully measure which of them would be most likely to work for you.


  1. Antiques Dealer
  2. Art Gallery
  3. Bar tending Service
  4. Boat Tours
  5. Cake making
  6. Clothing boutique
  7. Clown Service
  8. Clothing Line
  9. Cookie Business
  10. Creative Arts day camp
  11. Cupcake Business
  12. Garden Center
  13. Gift-Basket design
  14. Golf Coach
  15. Gourmet Candy Cart
  16. Hot Air Balloon Rides
  17. Ice Cream shop
  18. Import/Export Business
  19. Jewelry Designer
  20. Knitting/Crocheting Lessons
  21. Logo design
  22. Miniature Golf Course
  23. Mobile DJ
  24. Outdoor Adventures
  25. Personal Trainer
  26. Rare Book Dealer/Search Service
  27. Sport Fishing Charter Boat
  28. Vintage Toy Producer

Antiques Dealer

You can begin this business in your garage with just one item!
Start part-time and build this business carefully! Only purchase things that you can sell comparatively quickly for a good mark-up, and avoid getting stuck with slow-moving inventory. To actually succeed, develop deep expertise in a specialty, and build a loyal client base. This is also one of the great fun business concepts

Art Gallery-creative fun business concepts

There are two routes to success in this business. One is specializing in artists with well- established followings that you just are comfortable that you just can sell. And take on less well-known artists on a consignment basis, which means you donít actually purchase the painting from the artist till the day you sell it. Be a particular business peopleís tastes will change and a gallery thatís successful one year can notice itself struggling enough. So, keep your overhead manageable and watch for changing trends.

Bartending Service

Sign up for a bartending course at the local community college or adult education center get a safety certificate if your state needs it, so youíre able to begin serving. Usually, the consumer will offer the booze, and therefore the glasses, you would possibly bring a couple of mixing tools or maybe a service cart if you wish to get fancy. Demand for this service can run strongest on the weekends, making it a good part-time gig!

Boat Tours-great fun business concepts

You donít need to own a big boat to take people on evening boat tours! Youíll be able to lease the boat, market the tours, and build a business without the overhead. This is also one of the great fun business concepts.

Would you prefer to drive a boat for a living? This can be your chance!
To make it a lot of fun, youíll be able to purchase a few drive-it-yourself speed boats and lead your customers around the local harbor. What might be more fun than that!

Cake making

If you have the cooking skills this will be a good chance. People will pay good cash for an extremely impressive cake for special occasions. Get some nice cake photos informed your website, promote your skills to event planners and build your clients

Clothing boutique

This will be a great deal of fun however it should be harder than you think that to make cash. First make completely sure your location has nice foot traffic stand there and count heads before you sign a lease! Then develop a particular set up for merchandising, and donít be afraid to mark down what isnít moving.

Clown Service

An excellent way to earn some good cash, at kidsí birthdays and bar. Businesses will be heavily focused on weekends. Therefore, youíll be able to hold onto your day job as you build your clients. This is also one of the great fun business concepts.

Clothing Line

You can start your own clothing line with simply a couple of items, be successful and have a great deal of fun along the way. Contract out the manufacturing which is that the extremely hard part of the work. Then specialize in developing eye-stopping designs and talking it up with potential resellers, or sell the things yourself online.

Cookie Business

Selling your cookies may be a good way to mix your love of baking and a home-based career. However, beginning a home-based cookie business needs more than a batch of snickerdoodles. It takes analysis and planning to guarantee your business gets off to a good beginning. More you would like to comply with state laws to control food sales, which have to get a special, allow. This is also one of the great fun business concepts.

Creative Arts day camp-active fun business concepts

You could run this as a seasonal camp throughout the summer. However, itís harder to form a lot of cash at seasonal businesses, thus first consider providing a creative arts day camp after school or on weekends. Doing surveys to seek out out what age groups of children and what specific art activities have the most appeal.

Cupcake Business-yummy fun business concepts

Thereís one thing magical about a cupcake that says fun and silliness and causes you to feel good! You will be able to feel and make others happy. However, if your specializing in cupcakes, clients expect them to be excellent! And if you wish to be remembered, they ought to be world class awesome!

Garden Center-great fun business concepts

Gardening is huge and growing. And itís a business thatís less doubtless to move entirely online than several other businesses. You may begin out with a supply center, expanding over time to add some plants to sell, and then, eventually vertically integrate along with your own plant nursery. You may also expand into providing onsite services. This is also one of the great fun business concepts for gardening lovers.

Gift-Basket design

Itís fun to create a gift-basket overflowing with a bunch of carefully selected and extremely attractive items. In fact, it would! You may have a lot of satisfaction creating distinctive gift baskets which will delight your customers and bring in sales!

Golf Coach

Finding clients shouldnít be too difficult as golf could be a very popular sport. If you have got some talent at this challenging game, you will be able to charge some good cash and experiences. Golf is a wonderful lifetime sport and people are willing to pay to try to master it!

Gourmet Candy Cart

Starting a cotton candy business (or any small food business) is terribly profitable and pleasing. For several new entrepreneurs, beginning a cotton candy business could be a nice, fast education on business basics. Good planning, and preparation you’ll be able to start it at any time.

Hot Air Balloon Rides-great fun business concepts

This is often a good vacation area business; however, it might also be a good gift for special occasions. Nail down all of the licensing and safety requirements and this might be fun business that quickly builds by word-of-mouth.

Ice Cream shop

Yes, youíll make plenty of cash with an easy ice cream shop! Perfect your ice cream before you begin, find a good busy location while not a crazy rent and consider beginning with a smaller footprint to minimize your overhead

Import/Export Business

What an excellent excuse to travel and get paid for it! Affirmative, there are some extremely cool craft things youíll find around the world for very low costs. It may take a touch little bit of patience to get going, and specialization helps. However, this is often an awfully accomplishable business

Jewelry Designer-great fun business concepts

Jewelry making may be a viable low investment business for active creative, however crafting skills are not requiredómaking jewellery one in all the highest things to make and sell online. Or, maybe you are DIY-stunted however have an incredible online business plan supported an untapped audience.

Knitting/Crocheting Lessons

There are a lot of people who need to knit and crochetóand you can show them how! You may begin with a class at your house or maybe at a neighborhood knitting store. Perhaps provide an entry level course at the local adult Edu program to get going.

Logo design

There are many graphic designers out there however not so many individuals specializing in logos. However, in the age of the internet, a good-looking logo is more important than ever! Most businesses donít give enough thought to their logo and end up with a weak result. Youíll help them create an excellent logoñone that can help defines their business and brings them customers!

Miniature Golf Course-great fun business concepts

It is a great advantage to own your own miniature golf course! Having a well-designed course is good however what really matters here is that the location. You would like to be on an extremely visible road, a vacation area could be a plus, and ideally, your competition may be a good distance away.

Mobile DJ

You should have some good equipment that makes your audience happy however that might mean totally different levels of investment for various audiences. If you going to be playing for large venues, public events or for junior high school birthday parties? Then you can earn some extra money doing this nice job.

Outdoor Adventures

Choose an adventure extremely carefully. One that people will easily pay good cash for. At least informally ask many people for their feedback on a suggested adventure before you put any cash into marketing it. Then once you do provide your first trip, make it incredible! Analysis it carefully and surpass peopleís expectations. On your initial few trips, itís more important to build an excellent experience and a great name, then to make plenty of cash right out of the gate.

Personal Trainer-great fun business concepts

You can begin as a personal trainer at a neighborhood gym. Then attempt going out on your own. Being known for a particular expertise can help. Then sometime youíll be able to open your own gym. Perhaps even franchise it and go global!

Rare Book Dealer/Search Service

There is one thing special about the first edition of a rare book and people can pay money to seek out the exact book they need. And so, thereís the shop itself, a rare bookstore is like wonderful antidote to our way-too-busy internet world. Yes, youíll be able to make cash with rare books

Sport Fishing Charter Boat

Getting started in the sport fishing charter business might not be as costly and difficult as you think. Unless youíre going into particularly rough waters you donít need to begin with a large cabin boat. Moreover, youíll be able to finance a lot of of your purchase. And if your fishing skills are a little weak, rent a boat hand with some strong local fishing knowledge.if you can make your location popular among fishermen , youíll be able to charge some serious cash in this business

Vintage Toy Producer

Parents and grandparents are only willing to buy their children so many computer games! What they would really prefer to be shopping for is superbly hand-crafted vintage toys that the kids will use their own imaginations to play with!making Hand craft toys takes think carefully and figure out what fascinating toys you will be able to bring to market at an affordable value.

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